Do fish play a card game called Go Animal?

People love to climb mountains but the biggest mountains are under the water.  Therefore would it be climbing down the mountain more correct than up?

How does Congress people control a nervous laugh?  You know  they are lying thought their teeth.

Why do we say the police collared the perp when they arrest them?  I see handcuffs but no real collar.

Is Tom Brady deflated about Deflate a Ball?

What really is a paycheck?  Is it pay for the check?  What therefore is a tax, is it really a reality check?  Is it checkmate when your mate cashes your check?  If you lose money is it a bank error if the check goes through and therefore they should pay the difference?

My wife was expecting.  I was expecting too but I ended up with bills and she did the labor.  The payoff was three children which cost us a fortune.

When the nation was birthed who was the doctor who delivered it?

Who developed the scoring in tennis?  What does love have to do with it?

If Chinese have a fortune cookie, what do other countries have?  Think about it.  Turkey has the BLT, Hungary has hunger pains and Greece has too much oil?

When someone says “I will be honest with you”, I worry.

real is in reality but is there a den in Eden?

There are con man but are there con women?

I have water on the brain and therefore mistifried.



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