A few points to get off my chest

I wonder what they call a bank on the Outer Banks?  The Bank of Far Out?  Money would have different guys and gals on it.  Lucille Ball on the one, Tiny Tim on the five, Donald Duck on the ten, and of course Donald Trump on the Hundred.

There is a company that is going to build islands.  The islands will be grounded to the bedrock under the ocean and then a floating land mass like a floating floor will be on the top.

Television is changing.  The reality shows which were quite unreality are going away.  Cheap to make but after a while boring as hell.

Buying a house, I do not care about who buys what.  They are not moving into my area.  How do these people afford a million dollar house when he is a postman and she a housewife?  The shows are predicable to the point of absurdity.  Idol became a bore.  I never knew there was so many deluded people who think they can sing.

Baseball is going downhill.  The game has lost its punch.  The big guys last only a short time and then they get hurt and become has beens.

Steroids killed off their spark.  The older guys are going the route of fading out.  Yogi is gone and the young people know him only as the guy from commercials.  Some of our youth never heard of Mantle and Maris, Sammy Sosa lost visibility.  Fifteen minutes of fame concept on steroids.

The concept of putting a group of people together and then eliminating them by some stupid chore has run its course.  The problem is the people are boring and in most cases irritating.

Slasher movies are all the same.  Somebody slashes a member of the group and slowly the group gets smaller and smaller.  Who is doing it?  Do we care?  The movies have killed a person by every way possible.  Even death by pollution.  When will it end?  Will the last person left  cry a tear for the humanity that is now gone?


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