Politics as Usual

I am tired of politics.  Sorry but I have had it up to my neck.  I am tired of Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Hillary and Bernie.

We are wallowing in our shame.  I am ashamed at our political system.  Mudslinging has become mild to what is going on.  We are talking of wetting pants for goodness sake.

Would you as a teacher assign your students to watch the debates.  Hang down your head Tom Dooley.

Has this crap happened before?  Yes.  An example was Andrew Jackson.

Both candidates were rhetorically attacked in the press, which reached a low point when the press accused Jackson’s wife Rachel of bigamy.[38] Though the accusation was technically true, as were most personal attacks leveled against him during the campaign, it was based on events that occurred many years prior (1791 to 1794). Jackson said he would forgive those who insulted him, but he would never forgive the ones who attacked his wife. Rachel died suddenly on December 22, 1828, before his inauguration, and was buried on Christmas Eve. He blamed the Adams campaigners for her death. “May God Almighty forgive her murderers,” he swore at her funeral. “I never can.”

One rule of today is not attacking the family members of the candidates.  So far that has been true in this election.  Of course there is time to go that way but hopefully it will not.

Was religion ever questioned in a prior election.  Yes. John F. Kennedy was a Catholic and it was an issue.

To address fears that his being Catholic would impact his decision-making, he famously told the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on September 12, 1960, “I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party candidate for president who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters – and the Church does not speak for me.”

So if history is in the mind of those following the election, it is really business as usual.

There is little civility in the concept of an election.


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