Disney and the trip.

I saw today that Disney raised their prices again.   So I am not sorry for what I did to Disney many years ago.  The following is true and I am ashamed I did it but now no more for Disney is starting to show that they are indeed the greed monster.

 I am a teacher or rather was a teacher. I did forty years and most of the time I was proud and was an up and standard guy. But there were a few times I let myself down. This was one of those times.


I was a big supporter of EPCOT. I arranged my school to go there in the seventies. I did six trips, one a year, and took about one hundred plus students on a one day excursion. I rented the buses, got the students involved, including a dozen teachers. I helped every subject area get involve with teaching curriculum that involved Epcot. Social Studies did the geography of the countries, math had all sorts of figures on rainfall, population, etc., English wrote letters to students in foreign lands and Science did the fauna and flora of the regions. We were really involved with the concept.


One year Epcot raised the prices on the students just as we had already gotten the check to leave on our trip. Now there was more for fourteen year old students versus thirteen year old students. I had a few in the older category. Students who had been held back. I could not go to the dozen or so students and ask for another five dollars. We did not have the time.


So on that Friday we gathered the students at four in the morning, boarded the buses and I was made aware of the increase by a parent. I did not panic, you do not let them see you sweat. What should I do? Put it on my VISA?

I was beside myself. I did the one thing I should not do. I told all the students to say they were thirteen. Including this gigantic boy who definitely looked fourteen plus. I know I was wrong. I have suffered with this knowledge for over thirty years. Maybe Epcot would have accepted the situation?


I should not have done this but I am not going to send the check for the difference plus interest compounded for the last thirty years. If this means I do not get into heaven, well God has a better sense of humor.




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