A few thoughts at the end of the day.

I pay my bills like clockwork.  But my clock runs slow so I am frequently late.

Can a balloon be filled with with no air?  Would it be considered deflated?

I have a flair to wave the air about my aura.

E.T. would phone home but it would be a huge bill from ATT

Call me a cab said the taxi.

A fish out of water is a salmon steak on the plate.

Did Marco Polo play polo?

Hell boy is an angel.

Can the fireman avoid heart burn?

What kind of lock, is landlocked?

A gust which disgusts has the smell of the toilet water in the air?

Who would have thought of bottled water?  Now we know why Jack and Jill went up the hill.

I ate at Sonic and did not find it super.

Would you eat at a party thrown by the  Donner party?

I wonder if bears are armed for they have the right to bear arms.

I saw an Einstein shirt for bagels.  It read, “E equals a bagel with a smear.”



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