The jinx of Karma

I use to aid a friend to sell insurance.  I would introduce him to people and he would do the best for them.  He represented a major company and I thought I was doing a good deed.

One of those people I helped was a husband of a woman I worked with.  His first name was  Gay.  He had won a medal in the Olympics and he was strong as a bull.

Now this is a true story and you are going to think it is made up.  But it happened.

Gay gave my friend his duplex to insure.   A few months later it was robbed and there was a big claim.  It was paid well and Gay was pleased.

Next Gay gave my friend his cars to insure.   This was done.  My friend asked for his life insurance to review but Gay insisted that the agent of that policy was a close friend and asked it to stay with him.  My friend said okay for he could understand loyalty.

The car was in an accident and the company paid out a large claim.

Next Gay bought a boat and you are right.  It sank and there was a big claim.

Now my friend told me that with three claims he either got a life policy on Gay or he would have to close the account.

That weekend I was going to call my co worker and tell her of the problem.  But first I got the Sunday papers.  The agent that was Gay’s friend was killed in a ballo0n accident.  I hesitated to bring anything up.

There was bad Karma.  Three incidences and now the agent was dead.  My friend never rewrote the life policy.  There was something wrong.

Gay contracted cancer and died three months later.  It was an aggressive cancer.

If my friend had rewritten the policy there would have been an investigation of whether Gay knew he had cancer or not and the company might not have paid.

Sometimes your gut says no.  You do not know why.  But it does.



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