The Rat from the Maze

He was the official lab rat,

He ran in the maze like a crazed bat.

Looking for a nibble of cheese at the end of his quest,

He was superb at this task, one of the best.


And then one day he found a hole in the wall,

It was just big enough to squeeze through, although it was small.

Then to his amazement he was outside the maze looking at a world anew,

He now had a different perspective, a new world view.


And he was out and about and scurried to and fro,

Quickly he learned of millions of rats out there, sisters and bros.

All moving around looking for scraps of cheese,

All begging the Gods to be fed, none saying please.


He decided at that point to abandon the madness,

He crawled back into the maze, safe and with no sadness.


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