The Party is Over and Michael is a Man.

Sunday was the party to celebrate Michael’s bar mitzvah.  It would have been right after the ceremony but they separated it because Mike’s mom is in the hospital, fighting cancer.

It was a large crowd.  Many supporters of Michael and many friends of his mom, Lexi.

It was joyous and the sadness was hidden.

Michael is my Grandson and an amazing young man.  He too has had bouts with cancer.

So far so good.  But for a young man he is brave and stoic.  He survived brain cancer at the age of three and I have written about it.  That is why I support Jude’s for it is an amazing institution.

So proud of our grandson.

Dani Wax Gainer's photo.

This was a reformed temple.  From left to right.  Rabbi, Robbie G., my son Sam, me.

Beth, our daughter, Danielle our other daughter who now is two months pregnant, Michael the Man, Liabeth the baby with her Grandmother Giannia, her mom, Jessica and Alice who allowed me to be her husband forty five plus years ago.
We pod cast this to the hospital so Lexi could view it.
The rabbi was fantastic.  The cantor was great.  But on occasion there was crying for Lexi.
This was as it should be.

One word to describe the event.

... compare this is how you re supposed to write l chaim to life in hebrewIt means to Life.  A toast to a great event.
It is Monday and I just got home from work.  They do not allow us to carry our phones and so I was not called.  I got home and my wife told me to call my son.  Lexi, Michael’s mother passed.  She lasted through her last wish.  To see Michael go through the bar mitzvah.  The grief starts and the missing is terrible.  The first thing Michael does as a man is to handle the death of his mom.  A tragedy.

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