Putting things into perspective.  A few hours ago I learned that our daughter-in-law Lexi, had passed from cancer.  She was fifty four years old.  She leaves her son without her.  My son is strong but hurting.  I know not what to do.  How do we help them?

Support is there but all we know is go to work and eat up the time so there is healing.

All of a sudden things do not seem to matter much.  Lexi wanted Michael to have his bar mitzvah and that he did on Saturday.  If you read my blog yesterday you read about that.

Now her bucket list was finished and she passed.   Fitting and yet okay.   At least she did what she wanted to do and saw good things.  But there is a hole in the universe.  She was a main member of the family.

Christmas  and Thanksgiving were at Lexi’s house.  She loved to cook.  She loved the company of her family and friends.  And although her family was small she had tons of friends.

She did things for people.  She was a people person and she was good at it.

You felt comfortable at the house.  She would prepare dishes that tasted good and were filling.

And now those days are gone.   Sadness engulfs us and we are stunned into silence.

She is gone and her presence is everywhere.   The phone call from her is not coming

.The final chapter is written and now Michael carries on without his mother and my son is alone.  I feel for them.  And I do not know what to do.  We are not feel and touchy.  We pretend to be stoic.  Tears are scarce but the feeling of loss is great.  Give a prayer for her as she travels to the stars and resides in heaven for that is surely where she is.


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