Liars Galore

Throughout history we have the stars of evil and hate,

Some are draped in a flag and some declare their men of fate.

They promise to correct the situation at hand,

They promise to take the moral and correct stand.


But I have seen these men and women before,

They lie out of both side of their mouths, Bastards galore.

Once in office they veer off the course of truth,

They are like the precious drink made of vermouth.


It tastes good going down and then there is the pain in the gut.

These people lie to us by the dozen lie a road with a rut.

I will make this country grand again and we will have everything you need,

We will have health insurance, a great economy, defeat ISIS and all this with speed.


Do I believe them?, I surely want them to be true.

But I have heard this rhetoric before, it is not new, out of the blue.

Man I am tired of this election and the half truths of all concerned,

These people treat us like children and the ashes of the pyre does burn.


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