Questions much to do about nothing


Hi Ho!  Is it a tall prostitute?  Or greeting one?

Three blind mice.  How did it happen?  Genetics or some cruel cat?

Did the muffin man have a muffin top and where did he shop for clothes?

How come airports are not made of air?

What do you call a port of call?

What do you call sea men when they are on the ocean?

Why is it called a port of potty?  Is it from the kingdom of duty?  Do you have to pay a duty to bring it into another country?

Where does the north, the south, the west and the east go in outer space?

Can you hear in outer space if you yell out of the capsule?

Do people who make roads called tar geters?

What is a key resource and what room does that key open?

Does ISIS create crisis?

Did they yell action in a silent movie?

Do cartoons tune in to being a toon when then talk to a psychologist?

Are pain killers serial hurters?

When one swallows a pit, do people show pity for the choking individual?

Does brass rust, do old generals creak when they watch old movies about the war?


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