The True Power

Fifteen minutes of fame, that is what you get,

Some of the privilege get more, some less and some are just upset.

I deserve more for I am a better man,

I am better than you and in fact the best in the land.


Bluster and pound the desk until their fists are roar and with blood,

Their faces contorted with contempt for others and around the lips crud.

I stand out and I am grand, I have helped so many, my ego doth ran.

And they demand more and no one listens to their roar in a world of noise.

For it is the mans demand to have more than his share of toys.


But somewhere there stands the true hero of this fable,

Unsung and quiet, she is the legs of the table,

Women hear the roar and yet be silent in the light,

For without their quiet input the world would lose its sight.


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