President Mickey Mouse

It came to me in a dream,

I awoke with a scream,

Mickey Mouse is real, an alien from a planet far,

A far away distant nova exploded star.

He took the form of a large giant mouse,

And appeared in that form at Walt Disney’s house,

Now I know you do not believe my contention,

It is absurd and certainly not convention.

But hear me out as I will ascribe,

The alien inside the mouse is never seen eating or to imbibe,

No it is a perfect ploy to live a life of luxury and grace,

To blend in and be accepted into the human race.

Now every child believes he is real,

He even has a wife and dog, to seal the deal.

Now there are actors in the other costumes I grant you that,

But he is there in California and that is a fact.

The Mouse That Roared was to be about the misdirection,

But the power of the real mouse changed the complexion,

He roars, he lives in a spacious dig, he has transformed to something the children dig.

And when they grow up and they surely will,

He will take a role in government and live at the Capitol Hill.

He may even run for president and that is no lark,

For him it will be a stroll in the park.

President Mouse and a Congress of automated yes men at his side,

Then watch our country as it does its downward slide.


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