Time after Time

A blast from the past. The rat pack. Unfortunately time has erased them. But in the fifties and sixties they were in their heyday. Time has an abrasive effect.

I was teaching class twenty years ago and mentioned Ocean’s Eleven. Of course the students knew of it. The George Clooney movie. “No, I countered the Frank Sinatra movie.” Now for the slap in the face. “Who is that?”

They were ignorant of the Chairman of the Board, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin. Guys who made up the rat pack. Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop were not the big ones. But Frank, Dino and Sammy and the students never heard of them.

Boy did I feel old. Now, how many of you remember them? They were big names, Las Vegas made them bigger than light. The movies were sprinkled with their talents and the tabloids featured them in a poor light. Now they have faded as I guess the future will fade those who are our current stars. Imagine Miley Cyrus on a walker, Lohan in a nursing home and that Canadian dropout panhandling on the streets of Canada. Time marches on and has a way of trampling our hubris and egos to size.

Now this year David Bowie has gone into space.  Natalie Cole is singing Unforgetable with her dad in heaven.  The names of the past growing dim as age takes them away.


4 thoughts on “Time after Time

  1. I remember. 😉 I felt that slap when I mentioned Sonny & Cher to a group of kids who wrinkled their confused faces asking “Sonny & who?” The only thought that gives me satisfaction is knowing someday some kid will say to them (sporting the same look of confusion) Miley who? G-uno

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