Coupons and seduction


Coupons to the left of me, coupons to the right of me, coupons in front of me,

They beg me, coax me, implore me and astonish me with the word FREE.

Buy one of these and one will be at half price they often read,

Buy a dozen and get the discount of fifty percent off is their plea.

Buy this, even though you have no need for the brand,

It will end up on the closet shelf or on the kitchen stand.

Rebates are another ploy to get you to buy an expensive toy,

We will send you back some amount of money is the ruse they employ.

Of course they do not mention it takes months to get back the dime,

It is great if only you have is sitting around for you have the time.

Then there is the gimmick of the free taste in the grocery store,

Try this jelly flavor, this piece of cheese, this sample of wine they implore.

Why do we buy the Sunday paper is it to read the news that we dislike,

No the truth be told, it is for the coupons inside that buyers like.

So Sunday we go coupons in hand to the stores that feature the goods,

We are just like Little Red Robin and the wolf playing in the woods.

Remember our economy depends on you buying what you do not need,

So coupons are something that is important for us to use and read.


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