The Art of Language

Can someone have a change of heart?  Yes, a heart transplant.

What kind of plant beats?  A heart of palm.

If blood is thicker than water than mopping up blood is a harder task.

Why do we say something smarts when it hurts?

Since we are all equal why do I get less shares at the dinner table?

If bread is life why does it mold?  Do we mold as we age?

My pinky serves no function can I trade it in for an extra thumb?

Why do people think it is okay to thumb their noses at others?

If it is not good to point why do we have a pointer? In fact two of them?

I am ambidextrous, I gain double weight looking at fat stuff.

How do they figure out the calories burned off when walking?  Do I lose weight sitting and typing this blog?

Why did I lose hair on top of my head and now look like a friar in Robin Hood’s day?

What do you see when you blink?  How come you do not see the back of your eyelid?  Is it black?

I believe we all have a third eye.  It looks inward and sees our soul.



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