Dumb Things I have done.

It was a long time ago but it really happened.  I was working as a teacher in Bed Styvesant in Brooklyn.  I got up went to the bathroom and somehow I locked myself in the bathroom.  I could not get out the door was jammed.  I had no way to call the school and tell them that I would be late.

What to do?  For some reason I had a spoon in the bathroom.  I think it was there to take medicine.  I used this as a tool.  I chiseled my way out.  Minute after minute I hit the door and carved into it with the spoon.

Finally I dug a hole in the door and was able to reach the lock mechanism.  I released myself from my prison and quickly called the school.  They laughed for weeks about my predicament.  It was the joke of the school.  Even the students made it a point of snickering about my bathroom experience.  I was embarrassed but eventually it went away.

This happened a long time ago.  But it is one of those things that happen that you really want to forget.  I wrote it for you guys to show crap always happens and just when you think it is safe to go into the water a shark takes its bite.


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