Coffee Memo


We have a society saying that hitting a girl, woman, or female is wrong.

We are trying to get the concept into the minds of our children.  Female abuse is not acceptable.

Yet in every Supergirl episode she is hit.  True sometimes it is a girl hitting her.  Or a male alien.  But she gets hit.  Yes, she is not hurt.  But the image is there.  I am wondering if the image states to our young it is okay to hit.  Violence is a positive thing.  Supergirl can take it therefore all girls can take it.  Violence against a spouse is being ingrained into the children.  Am I over reacting?
Another current theme that is bothering me is the acceptance that evil can be preached to and will eventually become good.  That would be nice but it is not realistic.  Sometimes bad people are just bad.  A serial killer kills because he or she wants to.  Sure they are unbalanced and need help but tell the victims who suffered that their lives did not matter and the serial killer is really a good person gone bad because of drugs, bad upbringing, violence on television, a bad relationship with his or her parents or some other crap.


Isis is a threat to us all and we need to face up to how to combat it.  Where are the shrinks who will come up with the anti campaign to combat the effects of social media which is recruiting these crazies.


I believe eventually Gitmo will be empty.  Sold to Trump to be converted into a big mega hotel with a beautiful golf course.  It will be Gitmo Plaza.  Think I am crazy?


Carson worked on brains?  You would think that his advisors would capitalize on his accomplishments and avoid his ramblings into weird topics.


Jendall finally realized he stood no chance.  He was one of the few rational people in the GOP.  Sad but it was obvious.  A few more should drop out so we can see where the new support would go to.  Jeb Bush is my go to guy but he seems to have a problem shifting into high gear.

Too bad because he was a good governor of Florida.


Bernie is losing out.  His foreign affairs ability seems to be lacking.

Democrat or Republican is this the best slate we got?  Everyone seems to have flaws.


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