Questions without answers

Is the dead of night when zombies roam?

What does a vegetarian zombie eat?

Are Brussel sprouts little children of Belgium?

Are there giant tots sold like little spuds fried in grease?

Was Krazy Kat affected by Krazy Glue?

Is a Cat of NIne Tails a whipped cat?

Did whipped cream sue for abuse?

Did Father Time have a mid age crisis?

Did Mother Goose ever get goosed?

Is the Golden Gate Bridge held up by red suspenders?

Did Earl Gray drink tea?

If I dream of ice cream how do I avoid it melting?  Dream in a refrigerator.

You can break the glass ceiling with sound.

How Jolly was the Jolly Roger?

My bald cat coughed up a hair ball?

It is okay to have one ball.  One ball in baseball, basketball and football.

I bet most people can not tell the difference between a tsetse fly and a horse fly?  But you put a saddle on the horse fly.



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