Questions for an eternity

What is time sensitive?  Is it a rash of itches that creep under your skin?

Man is impatient to get to his goals grows old and then before he knows it faces the grim reaper.

Women bare their bodies and then children.

Buried in the sands of time is a lot of sand.

Can a buzzard be killed with a buzz saw?

How can one say mindless things?

If I have a politician in my pocket will he have lint on him?

If I have ESP can I read the mind of Will?

Why do people put baseball hats on during a football game?

Why do people lug around their anger and have chips on their shoulder?

Never understood dumbfounded.  Is it the kingdom of dumb found near the land of Nod?

Contraption must be the trap that the con slips into.

Can one have a car seat in an airplane?

Cargo must have cars in it.  Imagine a ship with cars in the cargo hold.  Cars in cargo.

Can a camel have no humps?  How does it breed?



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