We eat

We eat and eat and tend to eat again.

We eat the cow that mows and even the hen.

We eat chicken cooked with legs and sauce.

We then eat the chickens children, eggs scrambled and tossed.

We do not eat cats, for them do meow and hiss,

We do not dogs that howl and can be broiled in the bisque

But in other countries they do, and will we be far behind.

Behind a house dogs fight in a pit, to the death, sigh.

And chickens have razors added to their feet to fight in the ring,

A horrific and bloody activity, definitely an obscene scene.

We watch a show where alligators are killed and their claws ripped off.

And rabbits have special feet to make wishes on and feel so soft.

As the population soars to the point of no return,

We will eat more of our pets, more charcoal on the burn,

Ribs which type, no matter as long as you got the sauce,

Put a slab on and burn them, just show those animals who are boss.


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