The wisdom of silence

I was sent home early yesterday.  I just got in the door when my son called.  Lexi, our daughter-in-law was told by the doctors there was nothing more to do.  The colon cancer was terminal.  She was in acceptance of this harsh decision and handled it.  Sadness reigned and my wife cried at the news. Lexi is a great person and a plus to our family.  But the inevitable stares in the face and we need to handle the problem.

Ten minutes after this devastating call our daughter was at the door.  We held off telling her the bad news for she had news for us.  After trying for the past three years she was with child.  We will have a new grand baby.

Sunset and sunrise.  The circle of life in twenty minutes.  Devastation and renewal.

No words of wisdom for in my heart I hear the echoes of silence.


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