He baited the hook and cast the line.  What he would catch he did not know.  But he and his companion were hungry and he had heard this was a great spot.

He let out the line and waited.  The wait of the fisherman, thinking of what would take the bait.  Was it going to be a tasty morsel or just a piece of junk?  Patience was necessary.

Then the tug, he had something on the line.  He yanked and hoped the yank would make the barb go deep.  He started to reel in the prize.  He pulled back and fought. “I too would fight for my life,” he said out loud.

Then he saw the bait had worked and the catch was in view.  His companion took out the grabber and as soon as the catch was near grabbed it and yanked it in.

Poor Tom Jackson.  He had seen the little piece of gold and grabbed it.  He did not see the thin line that was attached to the nugget and then it was yanked.  The barb on the gold went deeply into his hand and before he knew it he was yanked high into the sky.  Within a few minutes the aliens had him.  He was skinned, filleted and prepared.

Of all the billions on earth, only a few cared that he disappeared.  They assumed problems with the wife and he had just gone away.  Little did the people of earth know that they were a new fishing spot?

The aliens enjoyed their meal.  They recast into the pool of blue sky and waited for the next tidbit.  Bon appetite.


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