What is mine is not yours

It is Mine!


Drama (Photo credit: sniggie)

We are a nation of possessions, they are important to us,

To know what is mine and yours, that is what causes the fuss.

We are greedy to a decree and filled with spite,

Take what is mine and I will get down and fight.

I will square off on a dime if you corner my stuff,

I do not care what it is, it’s mine, I will take no guff.

The fact that I have discarded it, don’t use it, or put it away,

You still can not have it for maybe I want it on a rainy day.

What is mine is not yours, and I will go to the mat,

Drama for my possessions is a matter of fact.

It is my toy, my bike, my old discarded video game,

It is still mine and you have no right to take it away.

When I get older and have tons of unused things,

I will still have the need for my useless blings.


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