The shaman was faced with a dilemma. The British were on the hill and fortified. His village was in jeopardy. They were armed with guns and bullets and his villagers only had their spears. He needed a way to get them to attack the British. Going uphill was not the problem. The men of the village were warriors and in good shape. But against bullets?

He devised his plan. He had the women of the village make a necklace with a bead hanging in the middle. He then presented the necklaces to the men and blessed the amulets. He said that if the men truly believed they would be protected from the bullets. He then had the men dance around the fire and drink from the plant that made them exceedingly high.

Now high and protected the men of the village attacked. They went slow for they feared for their lives.

The British on the hill saw the villagers and figuring to scare them shot over their heads.

The bullets whizzed by and the villager men held the spears up and with the other hand grabbed their amulets. The amulets had obviously protected them. They gained speed and moved swifter. Then the British had no choose. They fired directly into the villagers and some bullets hit their mark.

But now the villagers figured that those hit had not believed and that is why they were hit.

Within minutes they took the hill. On return to the village they were in belief that the shaman was most powerful and it was he who had given them the ability to defeat a mighty enemy.


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