The Ocean Rebellion

A deep sea lancetfish washed up alive on a Nags Head, North Carolina beach on Monday. WGHP Fox 8 reports that because it is an open ocean fish, lancetfish are rarely seen near shore. North Carolina Aquarium worker Daryl Law sent photos of the lancetfish to the station. He said that the fish was released after the photos were taken.

Panamic Sand Lance fish picture

The oceans are rebelling and there is hell to pay.

The pollution we have vomited into them through rivers and the bay.

The gulf burst oil through and the casual tossing of cans,

Has made the king of the seas, Neptune mad and he is attacking the lands.

Here is evidence of the crap that we have done,

We have been callous and some call it fun,

But the creatures of the deep, hurting and sick,

Now are attacking us, one shark attack after another, bites that are quick.

Scientist are puzzled by the amount of these attacks,

But not I, for the proof of the pudding is the evidence in the cracks.

Japan released radiation through the reactor leaks,

The gulf released the oil and the Atlantic and Pacific doeth stink.

Put two and two together and wonder why there is a rebellion of sorts,

This is the seas of Neptune rebelling through their virtual courts.

More bites will be coming and more strange twists will be seen,

For what we have done to the oceans is above reproach and obscene.


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