The second guy on the left

Slim Pickens an actor of note seen riding an Abomb to his demise,

You probably remember his face but in retrospect forgot the fear in his eyes.

He is the example of the second banana, the guy in movies galore,

The third or fourth  name on the screen whose best scenes are on the cutting floor.


They were the unsung heroes in the bit parts that made you laugh or cry,

They were the guys you saw in movie after movie that got the bullet and then died.

Or they were the banana who was the crux of the joke,

The guy of no name who wore the yellow egg as a yoke.


Their names elude us but there parts were divine,

They were the ones whose names are not high on the marque sign.

I could name many but you would just scratch your head,

Most of them are in retrospect in old movies and now sadly dead.

Slim Pickens Dr Strangelove Riding Bomb Of slim pickens from dr.


But they live on in movies in black and white and colorized too,

They are the stars in the sky way high and once in a while we remember them too.

Their names a blur, but they were there in scene after scene,

Some were comics and some were just plain mean.




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