A meaningless life

He was passive. with a lack of emotion  and life just passed him by,

He had little emotions and even when he was younger he never did cry.

He had no friends, no enemies and no spirit of life,

He just lived with lack of joy, just a life filled with strife.


Most of the time he was hungry, working a job that had no goals,

He was ignored and his ego lacking with an ego with holes.

Never got married and died at a young age,

Never raised his voice, no indication of rage.


And then one day he snapped and went crazy in a mall,

The police shot him down and he crumpled in his fall.


He was listed as suicide by police and buried in a ceremony attended by few.

His grave is on the bottom of the cemetery out of sorts and out of view.

A nobody with a mental problem never addressed during his life,

Now years later no one remembers him, no children, no wife.



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