Life is not a bowl of cherries

I will lie on occasions to suit my whim of fancy,

To conjure up some imaginary twist on a life dull and boring,

How many of us exaggerate the fish we supposedly caught,

How many of us have lied about that which we bought.

My diamond ring on my finger is bigger than yours,

My vacation had the most wonderful tours,

My life is that of Riley and my silver spoon tastes grand,

My hotel is on the ocean so I can have access to the beach and sand.

I am the best, I am above all the rest and you should be envious of my position,

Life was a blessing from the start and I am the apple of Gods eye, life is my mission.

But the truth is a tug at the heart of the root.

One who proclaims greatness is on his horn,  just a toot.

Life is grime and pain and bruises, with shame.

Life is not pristine and its nuances will give you pain.

Just as you ascend the top of the world someone dumps crap on your parade,

You find out that life is a game which has chutes and ladders and circumstance to how it is played.

You can do all the right things, get fortune and fame,

You can have the big house and that trophy wife, who is like a flame,

And then something dumb happens and you get egg on your face,

Such is life, my friend, get ready for blood on your face.


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