The devil

Saving souls

The devil wished to change, turn over a new leaf, if only he could.

And so he tried as hard as he might, but everything good he did was misunderstood.

He allowed people to have a second chance and redeem their souls for good deeds,

He asked them to go out into the barren areas and plant redeemable seeds.

But they watered the seeds not with sweat from their brow,

But from the blood of animals they slaughter and then swallowed down.

They ate the apples hanging from the tree and threw the cores down with disgust,

They shined their souls but they again turned to sin and they became rust.

How do you redeem a Hitler or Stalin, or a serial killer?

How do you navigate a ship of souls to heaven when you have a warped tiller?

And so the tormented souls remain in hell and howl and scream,

Even the devil could not convince them to change, for their milk was sour cream.


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