Pill of confidence

Are you tired of being a tool?

Of being treated like a fool?

Of saliva dripping down with drool?

Of the blind stare like the crazy man on the hill, that fool.


Do you want to stand up and be tall?

Not grovel on the ground like a snail so small?


I have the solution and it is in a pill.

I will sell it on e bay and taking it will give you a thrill?

For two payments of twenty four smackers and shipping and handling.

You will receive this amazing product that will allow you to be standing.


You will now talk back to your boss.

You will shrill and be a mover and shaker and be like a race horse.


The pill name you ask and demand its name.

It is ego and with it you will grow confidence in your brain.

It is mind over matter and will give a jolt to your back bone.

So order this miracle and get out that cell phone.


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