You are walking along and all of a sudden someone runs into you,

It is an old acquaintance, someone you use to know and appears blue,

“what is the problem?” you say with compassion in a mild voice,

You note the person you are talking to is upset and their eyes moist.


“My life is in turmoil and I seem to have no options at all,”

It was a person on the edge of a precipice and about ready to fall.

“Money is a problem and I cannot pay my bills,

I even have cut down so far that I have eliminated the thrills”

“My wife has left me and the kids do not know my name,

My boss fired me for a nonsense reason, bad sales were really to blame.”

“Then my car broke down and I jumped the battery but ran out of gas,

I always seem to be picked after everyone else and therefore I am picked last”



“Now the devil has appeared and claimed my soul and I have descended to hell,

But my claim to fame is solid for Quasimodo and I have fun ringing the abbey bell.

It is hot down here but I am in my Bermuda shorts,

That is all I have left for I lost everything else in divorce courts.”


And then I realized I was in trouble just like my friend,

For I too was in hell, my soul had been corrupted and thus I had descended.


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