A few puns on the run

Does time fly? Is it like a jet?  Is not an hour just an hour and not more or less?

How can nature be a woman?  She can be beautiful and yet in the next moment vicious and harsh.  Wait I just answered my own question.

If I abet a criminal and he is put in jail did I lose the bet?

If the door is ajar is the lid tight?

If New Orleans is at the mouth of the Mississippi are there a lot of dentists on the delta.  Oral hygiene is so important.

If a minor is underage and in a mine is he of legal age to dig the lode?

Do tight ends in football have hemorrhoids?

When mammoths died out was it a mammoth mistake?

If a vampire killer misses is it a mistake?

Is damage the age of the dam?

Why do people damn the letter U?

If I lean on a house can I place the lien on it?

Men love models.  Model trains going around the curve, model cars going around the curve, and models who have curves.


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