words of confusion

What does from the bottom of my heart mean?  I prefer the aorta section myself.

What are the signs of the times?  At Christmas most of them say half off.

Mother Nature and Father Time, who are cousins to these two?  Cousin Spring, Cousin Summer?

Is Mort in the Morgue?

What is under wraps?  Is it covered with aluminum foil?

Do zombies have a preference for certain meats?  Do they have a butcher shop or just where they dine is the butcher shop?

Crafty was the arts and crafts of the time.

If the Pendulum swings both ways is it out of the closet?

They fired and let go so many people from where I work that the skeleton crew left is now anorexic.

Is promise a mouse pro that is good at imputing into the computer.

Strong as a bull is the term for all the bull I get from work.

Does all men get blue balls in subzero temperatures?


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