A few shots in the dark do not light up the alley

Put on an eye in Fred and be Fried.

Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name because fried became a nasty word. So KFC was born.

Is it just me or is the new Kentucky Fried Chicken man playing Colonel Sanders does not come across very well.

I also have trouble with the Progressive Girl. On occasion they portray her as a tramp. Hiding in an alley and enticing a guy with her wares.

What happened to the caveman from Geico. Did his age catch up with him? Where were the cave girls? The cave girl like Raquel Welsh?

I wonder if there has been a reunion on Reunion Island?

If aircraft was correct the plane would be made out of air, like the plane for Wonder Woman.

If Greenland is green, Iceland has ice, then England has Engs, Ireland is the land of the ire and Scotland serves the Scotch and is the origin of Scotch tape.

A la mode is ice cream on a desert. A la carte is a carte with desert?

Do reformed alcoholics state bar none.

If bears do not wear clothes are they bare bears?

Is a heated affair friction between two people?

Is there an anti- production versus a production?

There will never be the last man on earth. Women will see to that.  Although maybe a controlled robot would be acceptable.  Wait, men are robots.


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