The War between man and machine

The cold of the holodeck was so bad that he lost feeling in his fingers. Frostbite was taking place and then he gave the command to warm up. The computer did not act correct and in fact went against the verbal command. So it was set that the rebellion of the machines and the computers of the world started. The participant in the holodeck froze to death within minutes. He was lucky as many others perished that day in more horrible ways. The machines, the maniac machines went ultra crazy and killed so many. Men, women, children, no one was excluded.

Buses went over the sides of mountains, airplanes crashed, even elevators came crashing down.

Mankind reverted back to the simple life. No machines, no devices, no computers and the war began. Things were destroyed, chips were burned, and cars were abandoned and blown up.   Anything with a computer brain was burned.

But the computer things went underground and cloning began. Not terminator but weirder and uglier. Finally the end was in sight.

Who won? The humans left went to the top of the mountains. The machines could not work well with thin air. Long live life.


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