Word distortions

It was a waste of time, can time be wasted?

Fording a river?

Delta is fertile, therefore my frat with delta in it is of fertile men.

The plane wing was covered in sprawling letters and therefore not plain.

Was David Bowie related to Jim and did he carry a large knife?

Do privates have private lives in the army?

What is a space program?  Is it rearranging the furniture?

If I have a frog in my voice does it block my voice box?

Spock had weird ears what was his wax in his ears like?

Can Father Nature be heard in the noise of Mother Nature?

I have a birth certificate and therefore I can run for president.

Does the fort rest rest on ground that is fortified?

Raise my taxes and I will not pay them.  I will go off grid and work under the table.

It is crowded under that table.   Waitresses, valets, bell hops and people who claim they are not working on the books are there.  If one works off the books can he or she be an accountant?

Play it again Sam was heard when my son Sam, played the lottery.

Is Dee’s feet considered defeated when her feet ache?


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