A mixed marriage of sorts

Nerdy <b>Apple</b> <b>Cartoon</b> Art Sculpture (boy) Photo Cut Out | Zazzle


She was the apple of his eye,

She walked with the motion of swaying love,

But she was a McIntosh and he was a Melrose.

This was not a marriage made in heaven.

The stares they suffered when they rolled down the street.

This caused them to break up as they moved to a different beat.

Instead he took up with a pear, a Bartlett of wealth.

And this unholy union took place against odds, a Las Vegas bet.

They held hands, they took long walks on the beach,

He loved her but she flirted with many, she was such a bitch.

And then he was dumped and tried to go back to McIntosh.

But she spurned him again and went out with a bunch of Cherries at a bagel nosh.

Alone and scorned he finally gave up.

Suicide by blender and became apple sauce in a cup.


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