The Worst Day

The worse day ever and I feel beat down,

Nothing went right, I was like an unfunny clown.

I lost at a scratch off, and my numbers did not come in,

I lied to my wife and that is an unpardonable sin.


My car had a dead battery, and when I got it charged,

It would not move because of no gas, stuck in the garage.

I was late to work but it did not matter,

I was fired and packed up my desk, my boss the mad hatter.


My kids got in trouble at school and I got the call I dread,

From the Principal, a person named Doctor Fred,

Skipped classes and talked back to the teach,

One day my boys skipped school and went to the beach.


It was late at night and I laid down for the night,

A bad day for me and a day to forget, out of sight.

The next morning seemed better and I awoke like a bat out of hell,

I had a good day, an angel visited me and rang my bell.


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