Meat and Potatoes and the Veggie Girl

He was a meat and potatoes kind of guy,

She was a vegetable soufflé girl, sweet like apple pie,

They met at the restaurant they frequent purely by accident,

She was reaching for the salt near him and he smelled her scent.

Over the month, each day they ordered their food,

And then he talked to her with a line that was kind of rude.

“Why do you not order a meat dish with potatoes?” he inquired,

Because I am a vegetarian and that is not what I desired.

So he left it alone, her choice of food and such,

And ditto for her, although she could not figure why he would touch,

That greasy meat slopping on his plate with French fries.

Cholesterol city and high blood pressure in the future, life is filled with sighs.

But eventually they dated and courted until,

One day high on emotion he asked her, an exquisite thrill.

She said yes and they processed up the hill,

Documents signed, rites published and the church event over,

They lived life like two people in love rolling in clover.

They raised the kids with veggies and fruit,

They would decide later their life style route.

And now I admit this is based on some truth,

My wife and I had a mix marriage, for sooth.

I use to be the meat and potato guy,

She was the vegetarian, it was meant to be, a marriage written by stars in the sky.


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