Luigi and the one armed pizza maker

He was tired of the robberies in the neighborhood. He owned a restaurant and had to take the night receipts home to deposit the next morning. Two robberies was too much. And so he devised a small device to fit into his wallet. He crammed cash in it. With the cash and the little device it made the wallet thick.

The device was a simple bomb. The size of a small phone. Thin and with enough explosive to do some damage.

Sure enough as he went home a person accosted him on the street. He gave the robber his wallet. The robber was running down the street when he pressed the button. The wallet exploded blowing the hand of the robber off.

He went and looked down at the man holding a stump of an arm. Blood flowed like sauce. He felt compassion. He took off his belt and tied the wound up. It least it stopped some of the flow.

He called for an ambulance and went to the hospital with the guy.

He felt bad. For a few bucks he disfigured another human being. He paid for the hospital. Later he and this other man bonded over the incident. He hired the man to work in his kitchen. That is why if you go to Luigi’s Pizza Palace you will see a one handed man stir the sauce in the back room.

Strange but true. Would I lie to you?


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