Keeping the mind working

Why do I bother to write away at the keyboard everyday?

To force the mind to work and come up with fluff and keep the gray cells working today.

For a mind at rest leads to stagnation and lack of thought,

At least that is the backdrop to a concept which I have bought.


cartoon brain images cartoon brain pictures

Stimulate the gray matter and keep the working brain alive,

Or watch the cells plunge into oblivion and feel the IQ dive?

The brain is like a muscle which needs  to be in use,

Do not sleep walk or have thoughts that lead to abuse.


Drugs dull the brain and put  you in la la land,

Avoid them at all costs or your brain will become like grains of sand.

Was Di Vinci or Franklin on pot when they created their ideas and works?

Was Shelly or Bryon stewed on beer when they wrote, or the reverse?


Yes, I know some were affected when they wrote or created their art.

But to me that is not valid so I will stay pure at heart.

No breaks to snort, no shot of the weed, no injections of heroin in the arm,

Just me and my keyboard working at lightning speed, no need for alarm.


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