I watched today a documentary about animals of the oceans of the earth,

It included a lot of eating, raising pups, fish swimming and giving birth.

So is life, stages after stages, the rituals of birth to an end,

Things grow from birth totally dependent on their kin.


Then the middle and emotions and hormones rage within,

Then the last stage where the timeline goes dark and thin.

This is life, beautiful and yet finite,

A compact time period, not spaced out, just tight.


Can humans live past  a thousand years?

Vampires and zombies do, but they are not human peers.

Is eternity just a curse and something we want but has eluded us,

We try for it with herbs and creams and of this we make quite a fuss.


Oh life, such a complex thing,

I toast my glass to you and to you I sing.


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