The O President

Boredom is winning its battle and I am fatigued with it.

It sits on my knee and makes my mind unfit.

The same routines night and day,

An endless parade of things to do each day.


I am surrounded by idiots who chirp behind my back,

I have doubters and detractors and that is the fact.

I use to ride the wave of joy and admiration,

But now that train has long left that station.


It is time for me to fade into the oblivion of history,

There is no rhyme or reason behind the mystery.

So soon it is farewell and I will pen my memoirs,

It will reveal my inner most thoughts and my scars.


So is the Legacy of our leader O’Bama, soon to be ex,

A little ditty about a man who became President, we wonder who is next?


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