It is the new year and we all reveled into the night.

We now see Jan. 1st with anticipation hoping the future is bright.

Goodbye last year, mediocre at best,

Nothing spectacular just so so, no more, no less.


ISIS predominated the news and terrorist made us paranoid,

We slipped on democracy and some of our freedoms went void.

We now spy on everyone and trust no one for sure,

Our Congress is filled with people corrupt and non pure.


Leadership is at a standstill and it is like a play with dark clowns,

Everywhere there is the murder of the quiet peace of sounds,

Banging the drums for one cause or another,

We still are like Cain and Abel, killing our brother.


But 2016 is here and there is nothing to fear,

So say the seer, we will rejoice and there will be nary a tear.

Says the man with no thoughts in his head,

He is seeing the future with hope not dread.


3 thoughts on “1-1-2016

    • I just blogged about Mad Man Churchill and thought of you. This guy is unbelievable for World War Two. Give it a read and maybe use some of the material. It is up your alley. Your friend , Barry

      • This is spooky, Barry – I was just thinking of you yesterday. I’ll tell you – I definitely need more time on the computer!
        Thanks for letting me know, I’ll get right on it.

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