Television has turned to crap

Did you ever watch participants in a game show and just not care,

I do not care who wins, no skin off my nose, no heart strings to tear.

Television has become a bore, a chore, a remote nightmare of change,

No longer interested in the reality shows with people I cannot name.


Marvel comics seems to rule many stations with violence and gore,

Why in a world of violence is there a demand for blood galore?

And I do not care who dances best or who wins the game,

I have seen this countless times before and it all seems the same.


The news is also a bore to me, violence and death is all I see,

ISIS, murder, and countless ways to die,

Spoken on a set of news with women in finery and men in a tie.

So I have gone off the grid and shut down the cable,

I just sit around the house now and stare at my navel.


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