Being rich I can commit crimes

I thought I heard everything but the news always surprises me,

A kid who killed four people with his car was on probation and free.

His rational excuse was he was spoiled for having too much bread,

That was what his attorney came up with and what else can be said.


Then on probation he was instructed to see a parole officer on a weekly basis,

I cannot stand this kid, spoiled brat, with money pouring out of his ass, I could be racist.

But that was not good enough for this little creep, he broke probation and to Mexico he went for asylum to seek.

Caught for being videoed playing beer Kong and flashed on the net,

They caught him and his mother and now maybe jail time is a bet.


For years all sorts of crimes have been committed with poverty the plea,

But too much wealth is a ploy I never thought I would see.


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