Gone and Forgotten

He led a good life and was proud of his power and sleek lines,

He was into transportation and took people for rides all the time.

Dependable was a word to describe him and he never failed the task assigned.

But now he was older and not so in the groove or so inclined.


There were places that showed wear on his torso and inside his guts,

He had made it through lives troubles and avoid many ruts.

But age had taken his toll and his abilities did want,

He was no longer a lively boy and no longer bon vivant.


He was grayer now his sheen gone a long time ago,

His engines clogged with the signs of age and his functions on low.

And now it was the end and it was in sight,

He knew it for he overheard conversations that caused him angst and fright.


It was now the last day and he on  the edge of doom,

For there in his sight was the claw of terror and zoom.

He was hoisted aloof and thrown in a compactor,

It destroyed him by crushing him into pieces and now he was not a factor.


Just a piece of junk in a graveyard of old models discarded,

Use to be functional but now laughed at and could no longer be started.

His good parts stripped and sold as parts.

Spoken of rarely, what once was a king, now a two of hearts.


He was an El Dorado and black and lean,

His engine roared and he was sure to be seen.

Now he is of little use and in a graveyard of the past.

Collecting dust and dirt his what he now does best.





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