Are We Alone?

is there something out there, a variety of alien forms,

Living in a sea of mercury under comfortable domes,

Flying in the air as specks of microorganisms with brains,

Thinking of this alien life form can drive us insane.


There is no proof just rubbish and rumors abide,

No UFO or some alien creature piloting it inside.

No bump in the night, or E.T. from a movie,

No alien that would be found that would be groovy.


No Independence Day alien who wishes to conquer the earth,

No alien from Doctor Who with teeth that gleam with mirth.

Of all the planets and asteroids out there no form of life?

Most people believe there is something out there, even my wife.


Will it be a friend or foe?

Who knows, will it be dark or glow?

Will it eat flesh and think we are food?

Will it be a mind enhancer and change our mood?


Life on earth has so many forms and shapes,

You see it filmed on television on various tapes.

Things live deep in the sea.

Things live at the North Pole for us to see.


So maybe there is something out there.

One day we might find out.

Someday we will know and for that concept I have no doubt.




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