A leak and a kiss

Did my pool have to take a leak?

I plugged the leak with a leek.

The information leaked out and spread like wildfire.

The washing machine leaked and the basement is flooded.

Ah leak, it is never a good thing.

Some words are associated with the negative.

Mistletoe is the opposite.

A kiss under the mistletoe is something to look forward to.

Is it a smooch under the foot and am I compelled to do it?

Suppose I do not find the girl beautiful?

Suppose it is a person of negative features?

Am I controlled by society?  I have to leak and I have to kiss?

Merging of saliva is necessary but it is gross when you break it down.

In fact the leak and a kiss are bodily fluids.

A small observation from a mind in turmoil.

I must leak but I should have the right to kiss or not to.

So Kiss off negative vibes, listen to a KISS album and remember Kiss means Keep It Simple, Stupid.


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